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Corporate Responsibility

Cak Textile Sustainability Procedure

CAK TEXTILE one of the forecoming names of the textile world, has moved forward to 2000’s years its half century experience. Cak Textile is using all the opportunities of the developing technology and is developing continuously by increasing the customer satisfaction according to the customer requirements.

Our prior objectives in terms of products and services is to continue as a company with a developed QUALITY COMPREHENSION, OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH SAFETY, ENVIRONMENTAL and SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY SENSITIVITY.

The sustainability of the company on the local and foreign market is possible with a continuous product and service quality. In parallel to this, the quality of our products and services starts with the quality and responsibility of our employees. CAK TEXTILE showed this effort toward our environment which confronts severe environmental effects as a result of developing technology and became a model for the other textile companies by establishing and operating a Wastewater Treatment Plan while establishing its Adapazarı factory.

Our Objective and Principles

  • Joining the values of Cak Textile with its aims and strategies and growing on the target market with a continuously development,
  • ​Offering our products and services to our customers with increased quality and before our rivals and sustain the priority of competition on the market,
  • ​Reaching the aimed quality level with a planned and systematized organization throughout the company in order to ensure the continuity of the quality
  • ​Ensuring the long term loyalty of our customers
  • ​Appling the World Standards in every place of Turkey and throughout the World on any issues related to our enterprise
  • ​Working in conformity with the environmental regulations established regarding our company,
  • ​Ensuring the most efficient usage of the energy consumed by us,
  • ​Minimizing the pollution created by us during our activities,
  • ​Diminishing as much as possible the usage of natural resources,
  • ​Ensuring trust in the applications related to the environment
  • ​Ensuring the disposing of our wastes as to not damage/affect the environment
  • ​Ensuring all the activities which shall be performed regarding the recovery,
  • ​Developing continuously with an environmental comprehension in parallel to the technological developments,
  • ​Acting fair with the awareness of responsibility regarding all of our operations and activities,
  • ​Improving and developing continuously the efficiency and performances of our enterprises, 
  • ​Increasing the satisfaction of our employees targeting the quality in all the phases of our production,
  • ​Fulfillment of the requirements of  labor law and SA8000:2008 standard, Integrated Management System Standards and the local and international laws and SA8000:2008 standard
  • ​Paying the fees determined in the law and collective contracts,
  • ​Respecting the rights and identity of each individual, not allowing the verbal, physical or physiological harassment, behaving equal and fair 
  • ​Not making pressures regarding the joining or not joining of the employees to the syndicate,
  • ​No forced or obligatory labor​
  • ​Obeying the volunteering principle for the overworks,
  • ​To not employing the child worker under age of 15 who are included in the scope of child worker in all of our enterprises,
  • ​To not discriminate the employees in our enterprises regarding issues such language, religion, nationality, national origin, gender and thought
  • ​To prioritize always the Human Rights and Safety of our employees,
  • ​To implement the activities regarding the preventing of the accidents and occupational diseases in our enterprise,
  • ​To implement the activities which are decreasing the risk values of the hazards identified in our enterprise,
  • ​To increase the standards of the company employees with trainings related to the quality development and environment, emphasizing the importance we give to the training as management and employees, to develop the environmental awareness and to make our employees a piece of our quality system.

All the employees and the management are responsible from spreading to the system the Quality comprehension, the Occupational Health Safety comprehension, the Environment comprehension and the Social Responsibility comprehension and to develop the same.

Our company reaches together its employees to its targets by ensuring that the employees are adopting the company’s development policy and appropriate the same.

Success is always shared

The continuity in our Quality, Occupational Health Safety, Environment and Social Responsibility Principles is a point which may be reached only with you, our employees.

Always Forward for a Continuous Quality, Clean World, Comfortable and Healthy Work

All Together !...

Hüseyin Yılmaz ÇAKOĞLU