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In the light of Turquality Project, we are LEADING THE FASHION OF SPORTSWEAR since 1994. With its significant position in Turkish Denim Market, LTB  is one of our lovely members which determines it’s strategies over short and middle term potential outputs, considering the long term results.

Serving the ready-to-wear retailing sector in Turkey and abroad, LTB prioritize emerging markets which shifts it’s attention to fashion.We keep developing and learning with the passion of a young spirit and serve our excitement to our customers. That is the main reason, why young and middle aged generation prefer LTB. Consequence of its dynamic and creative design team intimate with the fashion world, its high denim technology and having more than 60 years of accumulated knowledge and experience, there lies the success. As a denim brand, LTB is currently a global brand with its products appealing to all customer profiles in 71 countries. LTB owns a rich scale of products covering undershirts, t-shirts, shirts, skirts, suits, coats, trousers, slipovers, sportswear, shorts, belts, bags, hats, and underwear, in particular, weaving, knitting, tricot and accesory groups.

We enjoy the rightful pride of being the first denim company of Turkey which was qualified for SA 8000.


The Group


We are a WORLDWIDE group, established in Eskisehir in 1948. Cak Group is dealing in principal with textile, retail, chemistry, energy, insurance brokering services; online sale services from internet, manufacturing and sale of furniture and decoration products and import and export fields. With 21 companies  inside, we are bounded to our HISTORY. Inside a family, there has to be TRUST. A true family that is formed of COLORFUL members. We believe in DIVERSITY with INTEGRITY. We protect NATURE and RESOURCES. To protect the Benefits of our members, customers and our country is our CULTURE.The HARMONY in our family, reveals itself while we running our business.We try hard, work hard and continuously improve ourselves to give the best service to the people who choose our brands to improve their lives.

provide our customers the best service based on the awareness of enviroment and total quality management with respecting our human resource which we call -our family- and using technology and knowledge in the most effective and efficient way is OUR COMMITMENT.

Being one of the most preferred companies to work for, our philosophy is continously developing and growing by the light of innovation. Without slowing down, we increase our company equity to keep our competitive position in global markets.

QUALITY COMES FIRST. Quality in production, management and working standards. We believe that the quality of a brand defines its strength.

Our group achieved the ISO 9001:1994 Quality Certificate in 1998 and after the update of the standards in 2001, has registered its quality with ISO 9001:2000 certificate based on an extensive supervision. Thanks to all quality references, CAK Group has been participated in the TURQUALITY PROJECT with the LTB brand. Managing all its processes in accordance with the Enviroment – OHSAS 18001 Occupational health and safety certificates in 2012.




İstanbul is a major city in the worldwide and the center in the two continental Europe and Asia where the headquarters is based 25.000 meters square in İstanbul. The design team has the mix of culture from all over the world to create, design the denim and nondenim collection more than 500 people are efforting for the success of the LTB jeans, Within the light of the latest technological developments, the two factories from Istanbul and Sakarya, established on a field of 150.000 meters square, are working with an estimate capacity of 17 million pieces / yearly. We also produce for label customers including some famous international brands.


 Retail Concept


The main strategy of LTB is to open it’s own stores in parallel with domestic and foreign growth targets to reach every human being without considering any age, gender or color. Our purpose is becoming a global franchiser and turning out to be a bigger family with new members who believe in magical creation precess of textile.The retail concept is the huge door to success and to be a worldwide brand, shows the compy image and the philosophy.  We improve new projects to feel comfortable and shop easily for the customers in every season. New concept, new denim spirit coming out,  Now numbering 128 stores, more than 48 franchise store in Turkey, 8 concept stores, 112 franchise stores worldwide, where denim meets the world and world meets the denim. 71 countries for now … appealing to all people of the world.